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Why dixie technical college?

Whether you are simply trying to figure out what type of work you are interested in or are ready to start your career, Dixie Tech has a program and pathway to get you there. You can expect to gain lifetime connections and a world class education while you complete your program with a group of like minded classmates.


Dixie Tech is accredited by COE

This means you can be confident you will receive a world class, job ready education.


gain connections and friends that last a lifetime

The Dixie Tech campus is located atop Tech Ridge overlooking downtown St. George. It is a new state of the art technical building.


Validate your expertise & showcase your commitment

Prove to employeers that you are serious about growth and have proper training.


more practice. less preach.

Dixie Tech provides a unique experience where you spend less time in the classroom and more time in the lab mastering skills.

Why dixie technical college?

Whether you are simply trying to figure out what type of work you are interested in or are ready to start your career, Dixie Tech has a program and pathway to get you there. Our average job placement rate is 93% and we are the fastest growing college in Utah.


Dixie Tech is accredited by COE

This means you can be confident you will receive a world class, job ready education.


Dixie Technical College offers 25+ certificate based programs. Each program focuses on mastering the skills you need to move past entry level jobs, begin a career, and earn a great living. You can complete most programs in 1 year or less.

Some of our program pathways include Electrician, HVAC, Plumber, Welder, Diesel & Auto Technician, Pharmacy Technician, CNA, PN, Chef, Graphic Designer, Drafting, App Developer, IT, Machinist and Truck Driver. Scholarships and grants may be available for those who qualify. Tuition is waived for High School Students.


schedule a tour

There is no better way to see what Dixie Tech has to offer than to take a personalized tour of our state-of-the-art campus and meet our recruiting team. Our Enrollment Team will show you the exciting opportunities available, answer all your questions, get you started with the admissions application, and share information that will help you on your path to becoming a Dixie Tech student. Schedule today!

career enhancement

american heart custom fit

Career enhancement training, american heart cerification, custom fit employee training and the small business development center are all located at Dixie Tech.

If you own a for-profit business you may qualify to have up to 40% of the cost covered to have your employees trained at Dixie Tech. We can custom build your training or your employee’s can attend one of our many certificate based programs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What programs and pathways does Dixie Tech offer?

Dixie Technical College offers multiple pathways that can lead to careers in transportation technology, computer technology, industrial technology, medical technology, service professions, and construction technology. We have 26 accredited programs that can be viewed on our programs page.

When is the deadline to submit an application to attend Dixie Tech?

You should plan to submit your application as soon as possible. We allow applicants to submit their application up to a year in advance before their program cohort begins. This is due to the high demand of our programs. If you apply for a program cohort that is full, your application will be moved to the next available cohort for consideration. If you have additional questions about an application please contact our admissions team.

How long does a program take and how much does it cost?

Most of our programs last a year or less, and the average cost is around $3500. The cost will vary between programs and most are eligible for financial aid and scholarships. To find a breakdown of the length and cost of specific programs, please refer to “program details” on your desired program page.

How can I schedule a tour of the campus, classrooms and labs?

Walk-in tours are welcome, or you can schedule a time that works best for you by calling our recruiting office at 435-674-8419 or scheduling online. We highly encourage individuals and groups to schedule a tour to experience our beautiful campus and learn more about our programs.

What certifications will I get for completing a program?

​​Every graduate of Dixie Technical College will receive an accredited Certificate of Completion from the college. Additionally, many programs offer specific industry certifications that can be earned while attending class or upon graduation. For program specific certification questions please contact us.


Can high school students and adults attend Dixie Tech?

Absolutely! All of our programs are open to adults, and most are available for high school juniors and seniors. Visit our High School Students page to learn more about available classes, tuition discounts, and high school dedicated programs. While tuition is waived for High School students they are still responsible for any applicable program specific fees.

What are the requirements to attend Dixie Tech?

Admissions requirements will vary by program. Most programs require a high school diploma or GED for adults and a current transcript for high school students. Other requirements could include ACT scores, placement tests, or equivalent college courses. Some medical programs will require immunization records. Please contact our admissions team with any questions regarding application requirements or visit your specific program page.

Financial Aid and Credit Transfers

How do I apply for a scholarship or grant?

You can find a list of scholarships to apply for on our Scholarships page. We also have financial aid coordinators available to help you through the FAFSA process, and provide guidance on other scholarship opportunities. Our goal is to help you graduate with little or no student debt.

Can I transfer Dixie Tech credits to another school and how does it work?

Many of our programs have credits that can be transferred to other institutions around the state. For a list of the specific credits listed in articulation agreements, visit our Articulation Page and click on the school you are interested in transferring to. Ultimately, the receiving institution grants credit so please contact the University or College you are wanting to transfer to for more information.

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Dixie Tech Mission Statement

Dixie Technical College provides students with training that enables them to master essential, hands-on skills they can take directly to the workforce, empowering them to support their families, strengthen the community, and contribute to local industry while advancing their careers.