Dixie Tech Medical Assisting Students Connect With Local Industry Partners

Dixie Tech Medical Assisting Students met with recruiters from a variety of local clinics in need of qualified medical professionals. 


ndustry-wide in southern Utah demand seems to be increasing for qualified Medical Assistants. In the past, Dixie Tech instructors Kami Collard, Mindi Short and Barabara Brock selected and placed students in local clinics through an externship experience – an opportunity where students get to demonstrate their administrative and clinical skills in a healthcare setting under the supervision of a licensed provider.

But because of the current shortage of Medical Assistants in this area, our instructors instead decided to invite industry partners on campus to meet the current cohort of students. These Medical Assisting students had the opportunity to interview with multiple clinics in a casual, career-fair type environment.

Instructor Mindi Short commented, “This was a great forum for clinics to come to our campus and see the students and how they interact in the classrooms and labs. We had great feedback from the clinics, and they cannot wait to come again!” 

Photo of a Medical Assisting Student meeting with an industry partner at Dixie Tech

Below is some of what the students and industry partners had to say.


“This was honestly such an amazing, yet nerve-racking, experience–getting to see and talk to all of these clinics and finding out how different they are. I’m beyond grateful that Dixie Tech has set up and given us the opportunity to do this.”

–Cynthia Quintero, Medical Assisting Student


“The Medical Assistant students at Dixie Tech exhibit tremendous professionalism, with eagerness to learn about career opportunities. It has been a great opportunity to meet with the students and see their eagerness to grow and learn the Medical Assistant role.”

“As the manager and coordinator over Intermountain Healthcare, I’m able to promote opportunities and shed light on what a float pool experience can offer. Working in the Intermountain Float Pool allows a new Medical Assistant to experience many different clinical specialties, and helps them decide on where they want to build their career. What a great place to get your career started, with Intermountain Healthcare!”

–Kim Gentry, Practice Manager, and Jenn Haviland, RN Coordinator
Intermountain Healthcare Float Pool


“It’s really cool to get to experience this! Especially because the school put in all the work to bring this together for us. It’s nice to be able to talk to a lot of employers and feel out what they are all about. This is helping me decide what I want to do. It’s fun to just get to go around and talk to everyone.”

–Jacelyn Garner, Medical Assisting Student


“I have had the opportunity to work with several externs from the Dixie Tech MA Program, and I have even hired two of those interns into roles within my clinic after the completion of their externship. The professionalism they show, and the knowledge they possess, is a great testament to the program provided by Dixie Tech. All of the externs we have had in my clinic have been trained well and have been ready to deliver exceptional care to patients within the Sunset Clinic. I know that a certified MA through Dixie Tech will be a valuable member of my team, and I am always pleased to see the program listed on any resumes that come across my desk.”

–Tyson Gubler, MHA, Practice Manager
Intermountain Healthcare Sunset Clinic

Photo of a Medical Assisting Student meeting with an industry partner at Dixie Tech

Final Thoughts


We are so grateful for each of our industry partners! Specifically, we want to thank Dixie Primary Care, Valley Women’s Health, Intermountain Healthcare Float Pool, Department of Workforce Services, Intermountain Healthcare Neurology, Intermountain Healthcare Sunset Clinic, and Advanced Foot & Ankle Center for attending and interviewing our students. 

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in becoming a Certified Medical Assistant, we are eager and ready to help! Schedule a tour or read more information on the Medical Assisting program on our website. Our recruiters are always happy to answer your questions at 435-674-8419.


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