Dixie Technical College has been awarded the Elevate Grant in the amount of $50,000 from the Multicultural Rural Mental Health Grant. Our proposal stood out as an impactful project for our community.

Dixie Tech


his grant is administered by the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs with the support of the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement. The funding would not be possible without the generous contributions of Cambia Health Solutions and the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

We will use the funds to establish a more robust mental health presence on campus for students. While Dixie Tech has always been a strong proponent of directing students to mental health resources, this grant will enable us to go above and beyond referring students to outside services and instead provide services on campus.

Rather than starting from scratch, Dixie Tech is exploring the possibility of sharing resources with Utah Tech University. This would enable Dixie Tech to take advantage of Utah Tech University’s existing infrastructure while reducing costs for both institutions.

“We are committed to providing students with the support that they need in order to successfully complete their programs and pursue their careers,” said Jordan Rushton, the Interim President of Dixie Technical College.

The grant request was principally prepared by Chef Jessi Cox, an instructor in the College’s culinary program, who has been instrumental in developing mental health resources for students on campus. She volunteered for this assignment; such assistance is often required from faculty at Dixie Tech where there is no dedicated grant writing staff.

Students, as well as faculty and staff, are encouraged to continue using the resources and services provided on our mental health awareness page. These include SafeUT, JED Campus, NAMI, and more.

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