Dixie Technical College announces the Peterbilt Technician School Partnership Program as part of the Diesel Technology Program

“Magic happens when we put industry and education together,” said Dixie Tech’s President Jordan Rushton.


eeping students informed on the latest information, skills, and techniques of their trade is crucial for their success as they enter the workforce. That is why Dixie Tech makes it a priority to have industry focused training as the foundation of each program, as well as collaboration with partners in the industry to ensure that all our programs prepare students and provide them with the confidence and knowledge they need to obtain a job directly after graduation. “Magic happens when we put industry and education together,” said Dixie Tech’s President Jordan Rushton.

As industries constantly change and grow, Dixie Tech continues to form new partnerships to shape education for the future workforce. One of the most recent examples of this is the addition of the Peterbilt Technician School Partnership Program into the Diesel Technology curriculum. This allows students to receive training that comes directly from one of the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturing companies in the industry. They get exclusive classroom and hands-on instruction in diagnosing, maintaining and repairing the full line of Peterbilt trucks. It opens the doors for students to work for a Peterbilt Dealership and complete additional certifications from PTI.

By enrolling in the Diesel Technology program, students are setting themselves up to jump start their career by beginning the prerequisite training to optionally attend PTI in the future and work for a Peterbilt Dealership. As a result, they can proudly showcase industry-recognized credentials that are highly sought after by employers.  Ben Sandberg, Tech Recruiting/Service Training Manager of Jackson Group Peterbilt said that “We like hiring Dixie Tech Diesel Technology students because they are committed to their career, and we are not afraid to invest in them. They can hit the ground running.”. 

The programs at Dixie Tech usher students into careers by providing up-to-date training and necessary skills that align with their aspirations in their industry. Our practical, hands-on approach not only leads to landing good jobs, but also fosters a profound comprehension of the skills needed to excel in the workforce. To learn more about the Diesel Technology program or call at (435) 674-8400.

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