Faculty & Staff

Meet the people who make it all happen


It takes a lot of people to make Dixie Tech run smoothly. Across every department, everyone works together to ensure we are staying true to our mission while ensuring every student has an exceptional experience on campus. We recognize and value the incredible contributions of every member of the Dixie Tech team. Browse below to see our fantastic faculty and staff.



Jordan Rushton– President

Sam Draper – VP of Administrative Services

Camille Lyman – VP of Instruction

Cindy Broadwater – Executive Assistant to the President


Alexandra Bonati – Payroll Coordinator

Kelly Whittekiend – Accounting Coordinator

Paul Valenzuela – Controller

Tanner Gale – Accountant


Brandi Honey – Director of Development and Community Engagement

Austin Pickett – Website Developer
TJ TraubSenior Media Developer
Tori Lewis – Senior Graphic Designer


Madison Clark – Career Enhancement Training Coordinator

Marie Bowcut – Custom Fit Director

MaryAnn Oram – HR Assistant Manager

Sheila FarrellDirector of the Center for Instructional Excellence

student services


Tyce Peterson – Director of Student Services

Kim Farrer – Admissions Manager

Haylie Jameson – Campus Store Manager

Lydia Berry – Student Registration & Data Coordinator


Kami Alldredge – Financial Aid Manager

Ashli Luna – Financial Aid Coordinator

Jessi Trinnaman – Financial Aid Coordinator


Geran Mead – Lead Recruiter

Ashley Boston – Recruiter
Ginny Slack – Recruiter
Hunter Jasperson – Recruiter
Jenny Hastings – Recruiter
Linda Stephenson – Recruiter


Jace Barrett – Campus Store Cashier
Taylor Nielsen – Associate Registrar
Valerie Vowles – Receptionist



Joe Brusati – Director of Facilities

Brandi Honey – Building/Event Scheduling

Dave McDonald – Building Maintenance Manager


Alex Santiago – IT Technician

Grayson Ercanbrack – IT Systems Engineer

Ian Stout – IT Manager


Dawn Pratt – Custodian Manager

Alma Medrano – Lead Custodian
Bailee Andrew – Custodian
Caleb Sessions – Custodian
David Puente – Custodian
Hannah Rosenkrantz – Custodian
Josh Thompson – Custodian
Layne Hatch – Custodian
Linzee Freestone – Custodian
Sherae McCoy – Custodian


Gordon Bell – Security Manager

Carla Armstrong – Security Personnel
Thomas Friedel – Maintenance Technician

construction technologies


Ashlee Tengberg – Faculty Manager

Charisse Madison – Instructional Support Coordinator


TJ Empey – Electrical Instructor

Nate Lund – HVACR Instructor

Jayden Priest – Electrical Instructor

Mark Lund – Plumbing Instructor


Brandon Newby – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Brian Wilson – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Chaz Phillips – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Clint Hansen – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Dakota Goodell – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Daniel Hansen – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Drake Layton – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Grant Jackson – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Heath Finlinson – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Hector Avalos – HVACR Adjunct Instructor
Jacob Nielson – Electrical Adjuct Instructor
James Alexander – HVACR Adjunct Instructor
James Bird – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Jeff Putnam – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Jennifer Bennett – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Kayse Phillips – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Klay Phillips – Plumbing Adjunct Instructor
Lonnie Kerns – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Mark Maag – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
McKay Saunders – HVACR Adjunct Instructor
Mitch Thacker – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Nathan Laidlaw – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Nick Roberts – HVACR Adjunct Instructor
Paul Ashby – HVACR Adjunct Instructor
Randy Lamoreaux – Electrical Adjunct Instructor
Russell Morris – Electrical Adjunct Instructor

healthcare sciences


Derek Hadlock – Faculty Director

Jan Call – Practical Nursing Director

Timaree Fullerton – Pharmacy Tech Director

Anna Mead – EMT/AHA/BioTech Instructional Support Coordinator

Lori Kinyon – Practical Nursing Instructional Support Coordinator


Dalene Cummings – Practical Nursing Instructor

Elisa Edwards – Practical Nursing Instructor

Jami Griffin – Nursing Assistant Instructor

Kami Collard – Medical Assisting Instructor

Kristin Davis – Nursing Assistant Instructor

Laurie Mathis – BioTechnology Instructor

Roland Barlow – EMT Instructor

Shellie Hurt – EMT Instructor


Abby Stewart – Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor
Allison Barnes – Nursing Assistant Adjunct Instructor
Amanda Goodwin – Pharmacy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Ashlee Lamoreaux – Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor
Aspen Hurt – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Barbara Brock – Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor
Brenna Thomas – Practical Nursing Adjunct Instructor
Brian Pearson – Pharmacy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Cara Taschuk – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Chris Richey – Pharmacy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Christopher Bown
– EMT Adjunct Instructor
Christopher Clifford – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Daisy Hurt – AHA Adjunct Instructor
David Loughmiller – BioTechnology Personnel
Jamison Miller – Phlebotomy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Jessica Shreve – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Jessie Larkin – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Jodie Stratton – Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor
Joe Holmes – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Lauren Rawlings – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Leticia Cabanas Calixto – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Lexi Bowler – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Lori Jardine – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Mallory Chaffey – Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor
Maylin Hernandez – EMT Adjunct Instructor
McKinnlei McMullin – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Michael Harris – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Michael MCEWEN – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Michele Steinhouse – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Nicholas Peterson – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Patricia Leishman – Practical Nursing Adjunct Instructor
Richard Nelson – EMT Adjunct Instructor
Ronald Galvez – Pharmacy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Shannon Sullivan – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Steven Connolly – Practical Nursing Adjunct Instructor
Sydnee Slack – AHA Adjunct Instructor
Tomas Serrano-Ruiz – Pharmacy Tech Adjunct Instructor
Trevor Iverson – AHA Adjunct Instructor

computer technologies


Taylor Abel – Faculty Manager

Trena Hargis – Instructional Support Coordinator


Bill McMurrin – Drafting & Design Instructor

Brad Campbell – App Development Instructor

Jon Bartschi – IT Instructor

Josh Bertrand – Digital Media Design Instructor

Ken Richmond – IT Instructor

Kevin Pfunder – Digital Media Design Instructor

Lee Devine – IT Instructor

Lukas Simonson – App Development Instructo


Ashlynn Murphy – Digital Media Design Adjunct Instructor
David Grawrock – IT Adjunct Instructor
Garrett Sullivan – Drafting & Design Adjunct Instructor
Jeanne Wolfe – Digital Media Design Adjunct Instructor
Jerry Simmons – Digital Media Design Adjunct Instructor
Mark Rane – Drafting & Design Adjunct Instructor
Marshall Schmutz – IT Adjunct Instructor
Noah Bott – App Development Adjunct Instructor
Warren Altaffer – Drafting & Design Adjunct Instructor

industrial programs


Josh Evans – Faculty Director

Cortney Butler – Instructional Support Coordinator


Alfonso Gonzalez – Precision Machining Instructor

Brigg Lewis – Precision Machining Instructor

Carl Beagley – Precision Machining Instructor

Dave Seely – Welding Instructor

Mike Rice – Welding Instructor

Steve Carwell – Strategic Management Instructor

Vic Reading – Welding Instructor

transportation technologies


Steve Cooper – Faculty Director

Cortney Butler – Instructional Support Coordinator


Andrew Morgan – Collision Repair Instructor

Bill Vair – Auto Tech Instructor

Gerald Bain – Diesel Tech Instructor

Guy Whalen – Diesel Tech Instructor

Heber Holm – CDL Instructor

Jeff Teeples – Collision Repair Instructor

John Busselberg – Auto Tech Instructor

Robert Nelson – Diesel Tech Instructor

Ryan Jacobs – Auto Tech Instructor


Cody Christensen – CDL Adjunct Instructor
Mike Harley – Automotive Adjunct Instructor
Phil Johnson – CDL Adjunct Instructor
Steven Hansen – CDL Adjunct Instructor

service professionals


Taylor Abel – Faculty Manager

Trena Hargis – Instructional Support Coordinator


Jared Painter – Culinary Arts Instructor


Jeff Littlefield – Cafe Director

Jonathan Chapman – Cafe Manager

Annika Skibinski – Cafe Personnel
Libertee Valenzuela – Cafe Personnel


Eric Gburski – Culinary Arts Adjunct Instructor