Center for Instructional Excellence

An open resource for instructors to collaborate on campus and elevate their teaching practices.

What we do

The Center is made up of both a cozy, relaxing place to read and research andragogical strategies, as well as a lively work environment where instructors meet to discuss, problem solve, brainstorm, and listen to teaching experiences. The Center is a resource not only for teaching strategies and curriculum building, but also a place to share best practices and solutions during problem-solving gatherings.

The goal is to provide a place of learning and welcoming so that instructors leave the Center with the tools needed to help them teach their content and the confidence to know they have a better understanding of their teaching strengths. The Center helps instructors delve deeper into their own instructional practice to help students make stronger connections and have an easier time learning.

Services the Center Offers:

Curriculum Review

Including syllabi, lesson plans, sequencing instruction, assessments, backward design, and more. We will discuss the best practices and strategies to enhance teaching as the curriculum is reviewed and restructured.

Classroom Observations

These are available at request to observe teaching strategies in action. Instructors are encouraged to observe each other instruct classes as well. 

Student work sample review

Where instructors bring in student work samples for assessment either in a one-on-one or in a group setting. The next steps are planned in this session. 


Based on instructors request for relevant and current instructional teaching. 

Review of students course evaluation responses

This is to discuss and plan implementation practiced based on students’ feedback.