President's Message

Hear from the President of Dixie Tech

“We train students to master essential skills they will take directly to the workforce, enabling them to support their families, strengthen the community, and contribute to local industry while advancing their careers.

Dixie Tech has developed a solid reputation by working closely with industry experts for over 20 years. Local employers anxiously wait to staff their companies with our graduates because they know they are career ready!

Stop by for a visit and learn what Dixie Tech can do for you. Whatever your background or past experience is, whatever your goals might be, come see how Dixie Tech can change your future. We have a place for you!”

Jordan Rushton
Dixie Technical College President

The Utah Board of Higher Education selected Jordan Rushton as the third president of Dixie Technical College on September 15, 2022. Rushton had served as interim president of Dixie Tech since April 2022 and joined the Dixie Tech team in 2015.

Rushton spent seven years as the Vice President of Instruction at Dixie Tech, overseeing the instructors, courses and curriculum across 25 accredited programs. Before coming to Southern Utah, he served as the director of public relations and outreach for the then-Utah College of Applied Technology system.

During his career, Rushton has worked extensively with the legislature to obtain funding to further the mission of technical education, and he has substantial experience with accreditation. His tenure as the chief instructional officer at Dixie Tech has been marked by an emphasis on establishing relationships with industry and educational partners, as well as instructional growth and quality.

Rushton holds an undergraduate degree from Utah Valley University and a master’s degree in public administration with a higher education emphasis from Southern Utah University. He has a post-graduate certification in management from Harvard University and is currently completing his doctorate in education at Baylor University.