Custom fit funding

Up to 40% of training costs may be funded by Custom Fit.

What is custom fit?

Custom Fit is a program housed at Dixie Tech, through the State of Utah. It helps local businesses improve the skill level of their employees with training, and offers up to a 40% reimbursement of training costs. Custom Fit can also help companies acquire qualified trainers and coordinate custom-built training.

Custom Fit Training Process:

Your company coordinates with the Custom Fit Director to ensure they qualify for Custom Fit Training Funds. Your company must have a valid State of Utah Business License, and be a for-profit entity.

The Custom Fit Director and your company determine the best training solution, including location, qualified trainer, reimbursement pricing, etc. 

Your company fills out a Training Application which includes attendee, training, company information, etc. After these steps are finished Training will occur. 

Your company fills out a Training Follow-Up Form, which includes a receipt upload, training evaluation, and certificate upload. Reimbursements cannot be paid without this form being completed.

Your company will then receive up to a 40% reimbursement!

What does Custom Fit have to offer your company? 


Up to 40% of training costs may be funded by Custom Fit.


Training programs can be established quickly, in-person, via email, or by phone.

Our Service

We can help you assess your company’s needs, obtain competitive bids and coordinate with instructors from development to implementation.

Workforce & Economic Development

Your employee’s knowledge and skills increase, assisting organizational growth and development in Washington County.


Training is customized to meet the needs of your organization.


State-of-the-art training and development is provided by world-class instructors.

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For more information, please contact the Custom Fit Director at: or 435-674-8639