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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Browse below to find our most frequently asked questions to see if they help answer your concerns. Don’t feel like we’ve answered your questions? Please reach out and contact us directly so we can help you!

Are high school students allowed to attend Dixie Tech?
Dixie Tech has many opportunities for high school students. For information on high school eligibility contact a Student Success Advisor.
Are there any holidays from school?
Dixie Tech is a year-round school. Most state and national holidays are observed. See Academic Calendar for details.
Do I receive a degree when I complete my program?
Dixie Tech offers a broad range of long-term and short-term training. Dixie Tech provides training and education that leads to appropriate licensing, certification, or skill training to qualify students for specific employment. Students do not receive a degree but earn a Capstone Certificate.
Do you have a cafeteria?
The Dixie Tech Campus Cafe is located on the first floor of the Building A. To order, click here.
How do I enroll at Dixie Tech?
Each program has specific enrollment requirements and start dates. See our Enrollment Checklist or set up an appointment with a Student Success Advisor for more information.
How do I pay my tuition?
You can pay your tuition in person at the Cashier’s Office in Student Services using cash, check, Master Card or Visa, or on the Student Portal.
Why is the cost so low?
When the Utah State Legislature created the Utah System of Technical Colleges (UTech), they mandated that UTech provide low-cost training to adults and not charge tuition to high school students.
Will the courses I take count for credit at other colleges?
Transfer and receiving of credits is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Dixie Tech has specific agreements with several colleges throughout the state. Visit our Articulation page for more information.
What about attendance and grades?
Dixie Tech is a competency-based clock hour institution and attendance is important to mastering the skills necessary to complete a program. Each program has specific attendance and progress standards.
What degrees are offered?
Dixie Tech does not currently award traditional college degrees. Students that complete an accredited program at Dixie Tech receive a Capstone Certificate.
How can I report Ethical and Legal Violations?

You should report perceived ethical or legal violations to a College Vice President.  You can also report them here:  https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/17760/index.html

What if I'm not sure what to study?
We will be happy to help you explore careers that would be a good match for your interests and abilities. Individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Student Success Advisor.
What is the Accuplacer Test?
As part of the application process students are tested on the arithmetic, reading, and sentence skills sections of the Accuplacer Test. Learn more about the Accuplacer Test here.
When am I required to pay tuition and fees?
After being accepted into a program, students should register before the first scheduled day of class. Students are required to pay tuition and fees at the time of registration.
Where can I go to buy books and supplies for school?
Most books and program supplies can be purchased through the Dixie Tech Campus Store on the first floor of Building A.
Will you help me get a job?
The purpose of the training at Dixie Tech is to prepare you for a job and we want to give you the best chance possible at finding employment. Dixie Tech provides a variety of services to students and employers to assist with job placement.
Can I get Financial Aid?
Yes. Dixie Tech accepts the Pell Grant portion of the FAFSA only. FAFSA subsidized or unsubsidized student loans are not available at Dixie Tech. Students must qualify for the Pell Grant portion of the FAFSA and be accepted into a Pell-eligible Dixie Tech program in order to receive financial aid. Students who don’t qualify for Federal Financial Aid may apply for a Dixie Tech Scholarship or set up a payment plan if available. Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.
Do you offer the GED test?
Dixie Tech does not offer the GED test. Individuals needing to take the GED are referred to Southwest Adult High School and the Utah Tech Testing Center.
Do I need a high school diploma to enroll?
All adult students are required to provide proof of a high school diploma or GED before their application will be accepted. If a student begins a program while still in high school, they will be required to provide their diploma upon high school graduation.
How can I get a transcript of my course work at Dixie Tech?
Transcripts can be requested through the Registrar’s Office. Official transcripts require a transcript fee which can be paid to the Cashier’s Office. Students can also access their unofficial transcript in the Student Portal.
How long does it take to complete my training?
The length of time to complete training is dependent on the program. Full-time students are generally complete within a year.
How much does it cost?
Adults who attend Dixie Tech pay tuition based on the number of hours in their chosen program. Tuition is currently $2.25 per seat hour. Adult students also pay all applicable program fees and textbook/subscription costs. High school students do not pay tuition; however, high school students do pay applicable program/course fees and textbook/subscription costs. A breakdown of the costs associated with each program can be found on the website program pages. The cost of Dixie Tech programs can range from about $500-$5,000.
Is Dixie Tech Accredited?
Dixie Technical College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. Information regarding accreditation may be obtained at:


7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350

Telephone: 770-396-3898

Fax: 770-396-3790


Is there a job board for students?
There are several Job boards posted around Campus. Instructors may also have information on available employment opportunities.
What happens if I drop the course?
Students that wish to drop a course or stop attending need to fill out a Program Exit Form and turn it in to Student Services.
What are the Student Services office hours?
Student Services is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
What is the Dixie Tech Refund Policy?
In certain instances, tuition and other fees may be refunded (see policy for specific refund details). Students are not entitled to refunds for application fees, assessment fees, fees for consumables, background checks, and drug testing. No refund will be granted if an instructor has recorded competency in the student information system for a completed course.
What will my class schedule be?
Each program has specific days and times scheduled which students are required to attend. See website for program schedule details or set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor for more information.
I'm an adult, but I didn't finish high school. Can I still enroll at Dixie Tech?
Enrollment at Dixie Tech for adults is limited to those who have a high school diploma or equivalent. Students who are still of high school age do not need a diploma while still enrolled in high school. Adults who need to prepare for the GED, or want to pursue an adult diploma, can contact the Southwest Adult High School. Information about this program is available at 435-652-4709.
I have credit from another school that I'd like to transfer in. What should I do?
If a student is requesting a transfer of credits/competencies to Dixie Tech, official transcripts are submitted to the Registrar’s office for evaluation and are handled on a case-by-case basis. If students have any questions about transcripts they should contact the College’s Registrar.