The mission of Dixie Tech is to train our students to master essential skills they can take directly to the workforce.


 recent article in the St. George News detailed how the local construction sector is growing rapidly.  Aside from the obvious benefit of building new homes and businesses, it’s also helping build our local economy.

The article states that St. George ranks as the second most dynamic metro in the entire country. Several factors were examined to arrive at this conclusion, including total number of construction jobs, building permits, wages, and other indicators.

Chances are if you’ve been in or around St. George or Washington County the past few years, you’ve certainly noticed.

“The biggest problem Utah is facing with the fast construction job growth is filling the jobs with applicants who are skilled for the specific type of labor needed,” according to the article. This puts the rapid growth of Dixie Tech’s construction technology programs into context.

Dixie Tech had 198 Electrical Apprenticeship students last year, 176 in Plumbing Apprenticeship, and 61 students in HVACR.  We have been increasing the number of cohorts every year to meet industry demand.

In the last two years, we have hired two new full-time Electrical instructors, and one each in Plumbing and HVACR, greatly improving the quality of the programs.  Prior to that time, the programs were taught by part-time instructors.  Student graduation rates have increased dramatically.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dixie Tech started a first of its kind early morning Electrical Apprenticeship cohort exclusively for high school students. This class has been received enthusiastically and will be expanded next year.

“The construction industry in Washington County is such a significant part of our local economy,” said Jordan Rushton, Interim President, Dixie Technical College. “We continue to look for opportunities to expand our offerings to better meet the needs of our industry partners. I’m so pleased that people are realizing the fantastic careers that can come from the construction trades.”

The mission of Dixie Tech is to train our students to master essential skills they can take directly to the workforce. In our construction technology programs, that mission is especially critical at a time when the strength of our local economy is tied to the rapidly growing construction sector.

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