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Dixie Tech is funded largely by the legislature using your tax dollars. We like to think that at Dixie Tech, your tax dollars come back to you through every single graduate! As is often the case, demand exceeds the capacity of our legislative funding. We look to individuals and corporations who share our commitment to the future of our workforce and community to help. Please consider a generous donation. Every single dollar helps.

Dixie Tech impacts individuals, families, employers, and ultimately our community, one student, one program, one graduate at a time. And the cumulative effect is beyond measure. As moms and dads have better skills and get better jobs, they have greater confidence at home too. That rubs off on their children, who, in turn, work to develop better skills and get better jobs. Well-skilled people provide the infrastructure of our communities.

Your generosity and strategic investment in the college can fund scholarships, equipment, or the expansion of Dixie Tech. A generous contribution will warm your heart and bring renewed hope in a bright future for the Dixie Community. Become part of Dixie Tech today!

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