Join us for our 2023 annual fundraiser car show

5th annual Hoodfest Car show

Join us on October 21st 2023 at 9:00 am for our annual Hoodfest car show. We have a live band, food trucks, and breakfast being sold. Register your car or add the event to your calendar. Proceeds will go towards Dixie Tech’s expansion that will allow us to grow and better support the growing community and high demand for more technical graduates ready to enter the field.

2022 Hoodfest Winners

1940’s and older stock

1. Tim Kuhr
2. Brad Gaston
3. Robert Garcia

1940’s and older custom

1. Randy Hoggan
2. Richard Crabtree
3. David Dennis

1950’s Stock

1. Clark Harper
2. Tyler Berry
3. Jerry Sorensen

1950’s Custom

1. Gerry Fitzpatrick
2. Tony Berry
3. Daniel Sneidmiller

1960’s Stock

1. Robert Amoroso
2. David Persson
3. Dan Agin

1960’s Custom

1. Keith Dalton
2. Hal Mcneil
3. Richard Graf

1970’s Stock

1. Drew Pearce
2. Joe Lund
3. Mario Aguilar

1970’s Custom

1. Danny Campbell
2. Tom Pillar
3. David Gibson

1980’s Stock

1. Drew Pearce
2. Brad Arp
3. Jamison Williams

1980’s Custom

1. Trevor Mahoney
2. Graham Hancock
3. Lizzie Desilva

1990’s custom

1. Jake Larsen
2. Ryan Bardsley
3. Ryan Jacobs

2000’s stock

1. Dennis Madsen
2. Randall Jacobs
3. Robert Lee

2000’s Custom

1. Axel Rusjan
2. Doug Chambers
3. Ryan Bardsley

2010’s and newer stock

1. Max Roundy
2. Sean Lutes
3. Kirsten Morrison

Special Interest

1. Jeremy Stewart
2. Jon Brazeau
3. Steve Carwell

Street Rods

1. Gary Schilling
2. Lloyd Hansen
3. Kirk Vollmer

Under Construction

1. Rod Ryder
2. John Tsutsui
3. Tristan Klein

Motor Cycles

1. Ryan Jacobs
2. Ryan Jacobs
3. Kristin Davis

Motor Cycles Custom

1. Kevin Dorgan

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