Mobile App Development – iOS

Have an ‘APP’etite for Success?

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to create fully functional, polished apps that can be published on the App Store and used by millions of people worldwide.

Student Reviews

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Jake Starkey
“The most fun part about this is learning real use applications...
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Jake Starkey
“The most fun part about this is learning real use applications of the stuff that we’re actually going through. This material is going to be the actual knowledge and techniques that we’re going to use in the real world after this.”
Aris Gonzales
“I think the most exciting thing about the course is that...
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Aris Gonzales
“I think the most exciting thing about the course is that everything is up to date. We have the latest technologies and when any news conference or big announcement comes out we’re always watching it. So it’s always like we’re on the front end of technology.”
Aris Gonzales
Aris Gonzales
Camden Gardner
“Our instructors really know what they're talking about. It makes me very confident about...
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Camden Gardner
“Our instructors really know what they're talking about. It makes me very confident about what we are learning and discussing in class.”
Camden Gardner
Camden Gardner
Forrest Arnold
“It’s taught me how to make stuff and be able to...
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Forrest Arnold
“It’s taught me how to make stuff and be able to put it on the phone. I like how our instructors showed us how to combine coding and design.”
Forrest Arnold
Forrest Arnold

Program Overview


Do you enjoy problem solving and finding efficient solutions to technical challenges? Have you wanted to learn coding? Are you ready to turn your creative ideas into a functional mobile application? If this resonates with you, the Mobile App Development program could be an excellent fit.

As a student of this program, you will:

    • Learn about current technology, and even future technologies.
    • Learn the basics of graphic design.
    • Develop apps for iOS using Swift, SwiftUI, and UIKit.
    • Understand iOS app architecture, user interface design and Apple’s other tools.


  • Accredited Dixie Technical College Certificate

    This program prepares you for  CAREERS such as:

    • Application Developer – Median Income $127k year, with top earners at $198k year.*
    • Software Developer – Median Income $127k year, with top earners at $198k year.*


    Total Tuition and Course Fees:



    Program Length:

    12 Months

    Credit Hours


    High School: Open to Juniors & Seniors. Tuition is waived for high school students, however they are still responsible for course fees, textbooks and additional costs.

    Upcoming start dates:

    August 12, 2024 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm | Mon – Fri

    January 7, 2025 | 1:00pm – 5:00pm | Mon – Fri

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    what you’ll learn

    Mobile App Development – iOS

    Through a dynamic curriculum, you’ll master the fundamentals of Swift programming language, unravel the intricacies of iOS app architecture, and craft captivating user interfaces using tools like Interface Builder and SwiftUI.

    Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll unravel the mysteries of data management, exploring how to harness databases and APIs to fuel your app’s functionality. You’ll gain insights into testing, debugging, and optimizing app performance, ensuring your creations run seamlessly. You’ll also be ready to unleash your own apps into the world, with a strong understanding of iOS development techniques and a solid grasp of user experience principles. You will also get an Accredited Dixie Technical College Certification. 

    Term 1


    MAPP 1000: Programming Fundamentals with Swift – 3 credit hours

    MAPP 1010: Intro to iOS App Development with UIKit  4 credit hours

    MAPP 1015: Intro to Computer Science with Swift  1 credit hour

    MAPP 1020: iOS App Development with SwiftUI  4 credit hours

    MAPP 1030: Digital Design Fundamentals  1 credit hour

    MAPP 1040: iOS Group Project – Fast Prototyping  1 credit hour

    Term 2


    MAPP 2000: Intermediate iOS App Development with SwiftUI – 3 credit hours

    MAPP 2015: IOS Group Project – Full Project Development – 2 credit hours

    MAPP 2010: Advanced iOS App Development with SwiftUI – 3 credit hours

    MAPP 2020: Career Success – 2 credit hours

    MAPP 2030: Capstone Prototyping – 2 credit hours

    MAPP 2040: iOS Capstone Project – 4 credit hours


    Dixie Technical College is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. Accreditation by COE is viewed as a nationally-honored seal of excellence for occupational education institutions and denotes honesty and integrity. Information regarding accreditation may be obtained at:

    Council on Occupational Education
    7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325
    Atlanta, GA 30350
    Telephone:770-396-3898 Fax:770-396-3790

    Tuition & Course Fees

    Cost overview

    Tuition at Dixie Technical College is affordable

    Tuition & Fees must be paid before registering for class unless a payment plan or other funding options have been approved and signed. Information is subject to change without notice.

    Tuition is waived for High-School students, however they are still responsible for course fees and additional costs.

    Course Fees:
    Total Tuition & Course Fees:
    Total Cost:

    Tuition, fees and other costs are subject to change without notice.

    Computer Requirements:

    You are required to work on a personal MacBook. If you already have one, you are welcome to bring it for class. We require that it features an M1 chip or a more advanced processor. Below, you’ll find two computer models recommended by the instructors. However, you also have the option to purchase a pre-owned or refurbished computer.

    Macbook Air M1 | $1,259

    16GB ram | 512 GB Storage | M1 processor

    16" Macbook M3 Pro | $2,229

    18GB ram | 512 GB Storage | M3 Pro processor

    If you have questions about purchasing a computer please contact us.

    Total Tuition and Course Fees:


    Additional Costs:

    $1,259 – Macbook Air (Min Spec)

    $99 – Apple Develooper Account

    $219 -Apple Care (3 years)*


    Need help paying for college?

    Learn about Scholarships and Grants and how to apply for Financial Aid by using the links below.

    Start dates & times

    cohort start dates

    upcoming start dates and class times for this program
    Class Days:
    Class Hours:
    August 12, 2024
    Monday - Friday
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    January 7, 2025
    Monday - Friday
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Program cohorts are open until filled. Once a cohort is filled, applicants will be considered for the next start date.

    Program Length:

    12 Months

    Admissions Process



    Professional Goal Statement


    Accuplacer, act or sat score requirements

    Accuplacer Qualifying Scores:

    Math – 255

    Reading – 245

    English – 245

    ACT Qualifying scores:

    Math – 16

    Reading – 15

    English – 15

    SAT Qualifying scores:

    Math – 430

    ERW – 290

    Accuplacer may be waived with proof of:

    • Equivalent ACT/SAT scores.
    • College classes (MATH 900 or above and ENGLISH 1000 or above) with a ‘B-‘ grade or above.
    • Associate’s Degree, or Bachelor’s Degree.

    Cost of Accuplacer test: $15



    Education Verification

    Provide a copy of one of the following: High School Diploma, High School Transcript showing graduation date, GED, Associate’s Degree, or Bachelor’s Degree. 

    High-school students can sign up for an Accuplacer Test or provide qualifying ACT/SAT test score results. 


    One Reference from a non-relative


    Application fee

    $0 for in-state applicants and $10 for out-of-state applicants.


    Application Review

    After successfully completing and submitting the above requirements, the College will perform an application review. Students will be emailed regarding thier acceptance status.

    To get started on these requirements begin an application.

    career pathways

    what you can become

    discover  possible career paths for this program

    Application Developer

    Learn more about this field. Find things like job outlook, expected salary, and many other job specific stats.

    Software Developer

    Learn more about this field. Find things like job outlook, expected salary, and many other job specific stats.

    Steps to take

    Follow these steps to start your journey at Dixie Tech! Many classes have a waitlist or fill fast, so getting started as soon as possible is recommended.

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    Complete your online application

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    Apply for financial aid & scholarships

    Work with our advisors to apply for Financial Aid and learn about Scholarship options.

    Tour Campus & Classroom

    Dixie Technical College is located a top Tech Ridge overlooking downtown St. George. Please stop by and learn a little more about a program that you might be interested in. While here don’t forget to check out the Campus Tech Ridge Cafe to grab some lunch and ask about the specials prepared by our world class Culinary students.

    Mobile App Development Industry Partners

    Dixie Technical College’s OAC program collaborates closely with industry partners, ensuring that its curriculum remains highly relevant and applicable to the dynamic demands of the modern workplace.

    Industry Expert Instructors

    Our industry-leading instructors, equipped with years of experience and knowledge, are prepared to mentor and guide the next generation of Mobile App Developers.

    Brad Campbell

    As a computer science graduate who has started multiple companies, Brad Campbell enjoys teaching programming and watching students unlock their potential to change the world.


    Lukas Simonson

    As a Mobile App Development graduate turned instructor, Lukas Simonson loves teaching students and learning from their unique solutions to programming challenges.


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