Culinary arts

Turning food into edible art.

Become A chef

The Culinary Arts program at Dixie Tech takes a rigorous approach for those with a passion for food who would like to become true professionals in a commercial kitchen environment. You will learn all aspects of high end cooking and baking, dining, catering, and management. Train under two world-class chefs and learn the tricks of the trade to make your mark in the culinary world!


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What You Will Learn In The culinary arts Program

Kitchen Sanitation

Keeping a kitchen clean is crucial. Students In a 6 hour class day, 1.5 hours of that day is spent cleaning. Students learn how to clean and maintain all of our major and minor equipment. Daily and Deep cleaning tasks are organized on a cleaning chart.  

General Baking

We cover all your basic baking in the program. Breads, Muffins, Cookies, Quick breads, custards, bars, cakes, sauces, decorating and plating are all covered plus more!

Food Safety

Students must pass the Certified ServSafe Test which demonstrates their knowledge of what food safety is. This is also another crucial aspect of working in a commercial kitchen, working with food and keeping customers safe when eating at any given establishment.

Foundational Cooking

All fundamental aspects of cooking are covered in this program. Classical french cooking to contemporary cuisine are covered. Soups, Stocks, Sauce, Cooking Method, Protein Fabrication, Vegetable and starch handling and cooking and so MUCH more are covered.

Banquets & Catering

Lots of events, lunches and training happen at the college that the students get an opportunity to cater. This class and these banquets really teach students how to cook for large and small groups. Holding food for service at a different time takes additional knowledge that we give them. Plating in large format for buffet banquets, seated lunches and snacks for meetings are all things that students learn while they are here.

From Our Culinary art Students

Is The Culinary arts Program Right For You?

This Program Is for Students Who:

  • Prefer fast-paced environments that rely on creative expression above traditional problem solving.
  • Are captivated and inspired by different cultures and how food plays a part in them.
  • Enjoy serving people and find pleasure in providing excellent service.

    Students Love This Program Because:

    • They learn what being a chef entails – from baking contemporary dishes to deep cleaning kitchens, this program gets down to the nitty-gritty of working in a kitchen.
    • Frequent opportunities arise to learn the catering industry while preparing and serving food at school banquets.
    • They graduate with experience and a clear direction for what type of kitchen they would like to work in and what foods they enjoy working with most.

      About Your Culinary Art Instructors


      Chef Jared brings over 15 years of experience and knowledge in international and local cuisine to Dixie Technical College. He has held positions of Executive Chef and Corporate Chef for local and out of state restaurants and hotels. Chef Jared has overseen the opening of over 14 restaurants for local businesses and two 4 diamond hotel properties in Teton Village in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He often tells his students to “serve memories, not dishes.”


      Chef Jessi Cox’s culinary journey began with her first catering job which she took as a college student. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with over 20 years of industry experience. Her journey took her to Los Angeles, New York City, and Italy where she earned a Master’s in Italian Regional Cooking.

      She has managed Mark Militello’s fine dining restaurant in Boca Raton and helped open Norman Van Aiken’s in LA. Jessi spent five years in Portland, Oregon as a catering chef and event specialist before moving to St. George. Jessi joined the faculty at Dixie Tech in 2017. When her students ask if they will be considered a chef by the end of the program, Chef Jessi tells them: “It takes years of hard work and dedication to the field to earn the respected title of “Chef.” No one comes out of any cooking school or program as a ‘chef’. What you will leave here with are the skills and tools that are necessary to go out there and become one yourself over time!”

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