Medical Technology

Caring for people and helping improve patient lives


From a Nurse in a hospital, a Biotechnician in the lab, or an EMT in the field, there are certain skills, traits, and qualities that all great health professionals possess that make them successful in what they do. We are here to help you turn your passion into a career by giving you the skills needed to succeed. 

Advanced EMT work


EMTs have the basic knowledge and skill set necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients ranging from non-emergency and routine medical transports to life-threatening emergencies. 

EMTs act fast and have the skills to aid in patient transportation.

Advanced EMT


The EMT program is a prerequisite for Advanced EMT. AEMTs are trained to perform advanced interventions. The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician is a link from the scene of an accident to the emergency health care facility. 

The EMT program is a prerequisite for Advanced EMT.

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Biotechnology is a cutting-edge field that explores the intersection of technology and living things to create positive change. The Biotechnology Certificate prepares students to enter into the ever-expanding fields of biotechnology lab work. 

Work in the lab & explore the intersection of technology and living things.

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The Medical Assisting program at Dixie Tech is a great career for those who love the medical field and interacting with patients.  The MA takes on a vital role in every medical office whether they specialize in the front office or back office.

Interact with and care for patients while supporting medical professionals.

Advanced EMT work


The NA program at Dixie Tech prepares students for entry into professional nursing as a Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA.  This is the gateway through which anyone interested in a nursing career must pass.

 Start your CNA career with hands-on practical experience.

Advanced EMT

Technician – Advanced

The Pharmacy Tech program at Dixie Tech prepares students with pharmacy math, pharmacology, pharmacy practices, compounding techniques, the use of pharmacy management software, and pharmacy law and ethics.

Work in the medical field but in a stable and non-emergency capacity.

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Many phlebotomists say that every day is like a new treasure hunt as they search to find a productive vein! The soft side of this profession is developing the skill to calm and reassure the patient as you take samples.

Learn how to find a productive vein while keeping the patient calm.

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In the PN Program, students will gain a broad understanding of body systems, patient care, and pharmacology, to become a competent practical nurse.  Students learn on state-of-the-art simulation mannequins and other tools.

Gain an understanding of body systems, patient care, and pharmacology.