Explore the intersection of technology and living things.
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Become a lab Technician

Biotechnology is the cutting-edge field that explores the intersection of technology and living things to create positive change. The Biotechnology Certificate prepares students to enter into the ever expanding fields of biotechnology lab work. The possibilities are vast for a career in this area. Whether your interests lie in genomic mapping and research, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical development, biological research and development, or many of the other fields under this discipline; our program will give you the background to continue on to lab technician work or articulate to another institution to continue your education.



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What You Will Learn In The Biotechnology Program

Fundamentals in Biology

Explore careers in biotechnology with emphasis on central dogma of biology, DNA techniques, applications in biotech, and bioethics. 

Good laboratory & manufacturing practices

Learn fundamental skills and procedures required to be an effective laboratory technician.

Laboratory Practice

Extended time practicing laboratory skills and procedures. Learn knowledge needed to pass the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE).

Explore and analyze DNA

Learn techniques to collect and analyze DNA samples. Analyze one of your own genes.

Hands on externships

Rotations in several labs Dixie Technical College has partnered with in the region

Our Biotechnology Students at work

Is The Biotechnology Program Right For You?

This Program Is for Students Who:

  • Are captivated by conducting biological research and experiments.
  • Enjoy solving complex problems using critical and out-of-the-box thinking skills.
  • Have a strong desire to work in the medical field, but prefer to not work directly with patients

    Students Love This Program Because:

    • Their extensive lab experiences provide first-hand knowledge of the experiences that can be expected while working in a biological research lab.
    • Small class sizes allow students to receive specialized training and instruction while also providing many opportunities for curiosity and critical thinking.
    • They graduate from this program prepared for a career in biotechnology.

      About Your Biotechnology Instructor




      Laurie joined the Dixie Technology College faculty in 2022 as the Biotechnology instructor. It is very exciting to be leading a new and innovative program for the college. Laurie Mathis has been instructing biology labs at the university level for several years.

      As a graduate from Dixie State University with a bachelor’s degree in biology secondary education, it is a very fulfilling career. “I really enjoy watching the students learn and seeing the light of understanding turn on in their eyes.”

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