Transportation Technology

Everything from fixing vehicles to driving them


Do you have a passion for the transportation industry? Do you enjoy working on cars and trucks or dream of painting your own car?  Maybe you want to learn how to repair diesel trucks or even how to drive a semi.  What better way than by using top-of-the-line equipment and learning the skills needed to put your career in drive.  
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The Automotive Technician program at Dixie Technical College provides students with the opportunity to learn current technologies and develop skills for a great career in the automotive technology field.

Learn about automotive technology and how vehicles work.

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Repair Technology 

The Collision Repair program prepares students for careers as body techs, paint techs, or insurance assessors and bidders. Courses provide instruction in the fundamentals of repairing vehicles damaged in a collision.

Become body techs, paint techs, or insurance assessors and bidders.

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Commercial Driver’s License – Class A

The CDL program provides professional driver training with both classroom and in-vehicle training time. Students complete a range of driver competencies and become safe, comfortable, confident, law-abiding drivers.

Learn driving techniques, and other skills needed to hit the road.

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The Diesel Technician program prepares students for great careers working on heavy-duty diesel trucks as well as diesel engines used in many manufacturing settings. Taught in an ASE Education Foundation-certified shop.

Learn what it takes to keep heavy-duty diesel trucks on the road.