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The Jed Foundation’s Mental Health Resource Center provides essential information about common emotional health issues and shows teens and young adults how they can support one another, overcome challenges, and make a successful transition to adulthood.

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Struggling with mental health?

  • Everyone struggles at times, but if a problem is lasting too long, is too intense or feels like more than you can handle, reach out for help.

  • It’s important to learn the warning signs of suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse.

  • Look for changes in behavior, personality.

  • It’s ok to ask for help – it doesn’t mean that you’re weak, or just want attention. Everyone needs help from time to time, and if you or a friend is struggling, you should reach out to talk to someone right away.

  • Trust your gut – if you’re worried about yourself or a friend, don’t hesitate to act and get help. You don’t have to know what is wrong-just that they’re in trouble or struggling.

  • Be direct with your friends – tell them you’re worried and why, ask them how they’re feeling and offer to reach out to a professional and/or family member with them or for them